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Breakfast Sandwiches

The Morning Classic! $4.86

Fried egg, fresh tomato, and aged cheddar on toasted golden bun

add: bacon for $2

The BLT  $5.30

Maple glazed smoked peameal bacon, lettuce, tomato, homemade mayo on toasted golden bun

Healthy Morning $4.86

Perfect egg whites, farmer’s sprouts, grilled peppers, avocado sauce on rustic multigrain bread

Bagels $1.43

Plain, sesame seed, cinnamon & raisin, all dressed

Cheese bagel          $1.90

Add cream cheese $1.32

Plain,  Herb and Garlic, Chive, Dill & Capers

Smoked Salmon BAGEL     $8.84

The pumps own in house smoked salmon, your choice of cream cheese with capers and onions

The Pumps Sandwiches


Southern Style Beef Brisket

            The pumps homemade BBQ sauce, crispy sweet onions, and grainy Mustard

“The Pumps” Pulled Pork

                    The Pumps homemade BBQ sauce topped with creamy coleslaw

Hickory Smoked Chicken Thighs

    Grilled tomatoes, arugula, sweet-chili aioli

The Veginator

                      Smoked sweet onion medley, roasted red peppers, grilled zucchini and Portobello mushrooms with avocado sauce

Sides and Extras

Fresh Cut Fries                          $2.99

POUTINE                                  $5.97

            made with ONTARIO cheese

            curds & homemade gravy

LOADED POUTINE                    $8.84

            Pulled Pork                      

            Beef Brisket

            Beef Brisket Chili     

            Baked Beans                   

        ADD ON

            Extra Cheese Curds        $ market price



BBQ Corn Salad (250g)           $4.42

Southern Coleslaw (250g)          $3.09

Caesar Salad                              $5.99

Country Garden Salad                 $5.99

Fried Pickles                   $3.99

Smoked Baked Beans         $3.99

Corn Fritters Bacon            $3.99

Smoked Bacon infused Corn Fritters $4.99

Group Catering

           Please inquire via email  with group size and products requested for our one of a kind custom catering.

                           Please place catering orders minimum 48hrs ahead